You’re already running a business.
What could you achieve by focusing on revenue while we assume responsibility for your entire back office?


    Retain Ownership

    Keep full control over your business and engage Blok to act as your back office provider.

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    Build your
    all-star team.

    We’ll assist you in establishing your KPIs, and help you measure your success towards your objectives. Our unique Agent Acquisition Team will aid you in determining who and when to recruit.

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    Expand your client base.

    Whether you want to grow to another city, another state, or an entire region, Blok will be with you every step of the way. We’ll be the provider you can lean on to do the heavy lifting.

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    Build Wealth

    Create your legacy.

    Whether your plan is to successfully exit your business in five years or twenty-five years, we’ll make sure your books are intact from day one. If your plan isn’t to exit, we’ll help you find a new operator, and work with you on the deal structure.

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